Bringing together the MS community across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The World vs.MS



On Tuesday 8th May, The World vs.MS goes live across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Many great things happen when people get together and unite around a shared goal. The World vs.MS is going live with a unique event that can inspire the 55,150 people living with MS in the Nordic and Baltic countries to know more, share more and Demand More from life with MS.

Patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, neurologists and MS nurses will come together with those living with MS. We’ll explore the importance of patient-healthcare professional dialogue, learn about living with MS in the Nordic and Baltic countries and talk about brain health in MS.

We’re live streaming our special event from Stockholm, Sweden, via The World vs.MS Facebook page. The programme starts from 10.30h for the Nordic countries and from 11.30h for the Baltic countries. Based on your interests you decide when you want to log-on and we’ll make sure we’re ready to inspire you. Below you can see all the great topics and speakers.

We’d like you to send us any questions for the speakers, ideas, thoughts via The World vs.MS social media channels. The experts at the meeting can share their knowledge and experience with you. As we are in Europe we can’t talk about treatments though so please save those questions for your MS healthcare professional.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting new chapter in The World vs.MS and log-on to the Facebook page.

If you have any questions about this event please email

Date of approval: April 2018

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