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We asked parents in TWvsMS community to Pillow Talk with us and share situations other parents with MS could relate to. Here are their top answers.

You know you're a parent living with MS when...

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1. Your kids say you’re a really bad driver after rolling over their foot several times in a mobility scooter.


2. Your kids compare you to a charmingly slow character in Zootropolis because your reactions aren’t as quick as they used to be. Thanks kids!

3. You try to feed your baby a jar of food and a hand tremor accidentally throws it all over their face.


4. Your hand tremors get even worse and feeding is so messy they just take the spoon off you and start feeding themselves.

5. The letters M and S are confusing for your child, so every time they see M&Ms in a supermarket they shout, ‘Mummy, you’ve got M&M’s haven’t you?’


6. Running around and keeping up with your kids can be a challenge, so the garden is filled with non-running related activities like trampolines.

7. You feel a huge sense of relief that the kids love ‘duvet days’ as much as you do. Especially when fatigue is getting the better of you.

8. The children think they’ve been so well behaved they get pizza for dinner two nights in a row, but really your hands aren’t working enough to cook.

9. You turn every day activities like grocery shopping into a game so the children can do most of the leg-work and you can save energy.

10. Your child always asks you if you need any help or if you’re ok and you feel nothing but pride.

For every parent there can be highs and lows, but these may be more extreme if you live with MS.

If you feel MS is getting in the way of the type of parent you want to be, consider having an open and honest conversation with your neurologist. There could be ways to improve your life with the condition.

Date of approval: May 2018

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