Because of how you look at me, I now look at things differently.

Every day, I’d get the No.6 bus to work and always sit in the disabled seat at the front. And every day, the same old lady would get on, and give me a sly, sideways glare. One of those “why-are-you-sat-there?” kind of glares. It was okay though. I was used to it. The disapproving looks, the subtle shakes of the head. It happened every time I sat in a disabled seat. But I knew, like the rest of them, that she’d never understand the fatigue MS causes and how tiring it is just getting onto the bus, let alone struggling with your bags and walking-aide down the aisle to find a seat. So it was just easier to ignore her. But then one morning, when nothing seemed to be going right, she raised her eyebrow and in that moment I suddenly realised that by trying to ignore her, I’d been ignoring the bigger issue. And that was when I decided to demand more from my life with MS.

Now when I get on the bus, I don’t sit at the front. I don’t need to.

What made you demand more from your life with MS?

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