Who Are We?

Are We?

Our mission is to help more people living with MS to live the best life they possibly can.

The World vs.MS is all about making a real difference to the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and the people who support them. We’re working to encourage them to always Demand More from their life with the condition through awareness, education and understanding.

Our mission is to help more people living with MS to live the best life they possibly can.

We asked the community to share the story of the moment that made them Demand More from their life with MS. We were truly inspired by the number of people who have turned that painful moment of realization into positive action, and made a change so they could live the best life imaginable.

Three of these stories have gone on to appear in our film on this very website. If you missed it, it’s on the homepage right now!

Our stars are Telma, Andre, and Antonia. Their stories are truly motivational, empowering the community to take charge and Demand More from their life with MS. These three and many more have done it, so what’s stopping you?

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to access all areas of life with MS, delving deeper into the science behind and the realities of life with this ever-changing condition.

Meet the
steering committee

Patrick Burke

Living with MS, UK

Having taken medical retirement in 2012, Patrick now devotes much of his time to sharing advice for how to live with the ups and downs of MS on his website, Aid4Disabled.

Barbara Stensland

Living with MS, UK

You may have heard of Barbara’s book and blog ‘Stumbling in Flats’. Her honesty and sense of humour within her stories has helped her to win fans across the globe.

João Medeiros

Living with MS, Portugal

Joao took part in The World vs.MS Round 1 last year and won! Having lived with MS for years, Joao is always trying to find innovative ways to improve life with the condition.

The BladdeRunner story

Trishna Bharadia

Living with MS, UK

Trishna shot to fame on the BBC dance show “The People’s Strictly” in 2015, casting MS into the national spotlight. She has been an important advocate for people living with MS since her own diagnosis in 2008.


Shana Pezaro

Living with MS, UK

Shana was diagnosed with MS in 2008. Since then she has campaigned heavily for the MS Society to improve the lives of those living with MS, just like her.


Charlotte Tourmente

Living with MS, France

Charlotte was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago. She has always loved to write and now puts her skills to exceptionally good use giving advice and interviewing others with the condition on her blog, Sep-ensemble.


"I hope that The World vs.MS will engage the global community into thinking about life from the point of view of someone with MS or any other condition that may result in someone facing similar issues."

Trishna Bharadia Living with MS

Harriet Doig

PAG Representative, Ireland

Harriet has been an integral part of MS Ireland since 2015. There she works as an Advocacy and Research Officer ensuring adequate provision of state services, resources and entitlements for people and families living with MS.

Jacobo Santamarta Barral

Living with MS, Spain

Jacobo is a lawyer and has been living with MS since 2007. Having worked as a youth representative for his local MS organisation in Spain for five years, he has now joined the EMSP Young People’s Network.

“I want people who have MS to look forward and not look back. If The World vs.MS can help achieve this, then this is a positive.”

Patrick Burke
Living with MS

Sanofi Genzyme help people with debilitating and complex conditions that are often difficult to diagnose and treat.

Driven by their commitment to people living with these conditions, they strive to develop strong relationships with them to truly understand their needs.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for – the chance to help members of the MS community stop accepting less and start expecting more. Because there’s still so much more that can be done”

Suzanna van Straaten, Commercial Director MS, EMEA

Catch-up with all the latest news on BladdeRunner, the winning idea from The World vs.MS Round 1.


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