It’s time to Demand More from life with MS

Last year, we asked the multiple sclerosis (MS) community to share their daily challenges of living with MS, and looked to the world to help us solve them.

This year, we asked those living with MS to share something else. A moment.

A moment in time that inspired them to try change the things they thought they couldn’t.

And over the past few months we’ve been collecting the stories of these moments. All the embarrassing, painful, even hurtful moments that have made people Demand More from their life with MS.

With the submissions phase now closed, it’s time to shortlist all the stories down to three. Three life-changing moments that will feature in our next film.

If your story is chosen, we’ll be in touch soon – so be sure to keep checking your emails!

In the meanwhile, we’re continuing to delve deeper into life with MS, sharing educational content that’s uncovering the real impact of this ever-changing condition and what can be done to improve it.
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Understanding MS

Family planning &
relationships with MS

We’ve been encouraging people living with MS to have more open and honest “Pillow Talk” about sex, family planning, relationships and parenting.

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Disability in MS

We’ve been accessing all areas of life with MS, getting to the heart of the who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s of MS symptoms.

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Brain health

We’ve been exploring brains – from brain atrophy, to neuroplasticity to cognitive reserve.

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We’ve always believed in the saying, ‘when we know more, we can do more’.

That’s why we want to equip all those living with MS with the information they need to better understand their condition and the science behind its effects. From understanding why it’s important to protect your brain health to why MS causes such a range of cognitive and physical symptoms, these educational articles will help you get under the skin and into the head of MS.

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Pillow Talk

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t “Pillow Talk” about sex? Well, yes. But it’s also an honest and intimate conversation too. So, we’ll be looking at how MS effects sex, relationships, family planning and parenting. You name it! We’re not shy.

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We’d like to say a great big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who shared the story of the moment that made them Demand More from life with MS. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve been inspired by every single one of them.

With the submissions phase now closed, it’s time to shortlist all the stories down to three. Three life-changing moments that will feature in our next film.

Click the illustrations to read just some of the stories we received.

If your story is chosen as one of the finalists, we’ll be in touch shortly.

The World vs.MS blog

Just like we are, the MS community are always there to support and guide you through your MS journey. Head to our dedicated blog page for first-hand advice and insights into living with the condition, and to hear to some personal stories and inspiring moments from members of the community. Also, you’ll be able to find all the latest news from TWvsMS BladdeRunner.

Catch-up with all the latest news on BladdeRunner, the winning idea from The World vs.MS Round 1.


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