It’s time to Demand More from life with MS

Last year, we asked the multiple sclerosis (MS) community to share their daily challenges of living with MS, and looked to the world to help us solve them.

This year, we’re asking those living with MS to share something else. A moment.

Day after day, people living with MS experience a multitude of challenging moments. These can be embarrassing, painful, even hurtful. Yet it’s often these same moments that are the catalyst of change; inspiring people to try and change the things they thought they couldn’t.

So we want you to share the story of your moment. The moment you decided enough was enough. The moment you chose to demand more from your life with MS.

Because this could be the moment you inspire hundreds of others living with MS to do the same.

Share your story

So what kind of stories are we looking for?

Well, we’re looking for the stories of all those moments – no matter how big or small – that if you could, you’d say thank you to. Because despite how awkward or difficult it might have been at the time – it was the moment that made you stop, think and make a change.

What, or who, helped you realise it was time to demand more from your life with MS?

You never know, your story could be someone else’s thank you moment.

Click the illustrations to view some of the stories we’ve heard so far.

Share your story
Share your story

Sharing your story
is simple

Just fill in our short online form and tell us all about the moment that made you demand more from your life with MS.

It’s up to you how you tell us – be that through a written piece, a video or even an image that captured your moment.

It’ll only take a few minutes and sharing the moment that changed your life, could help change someone else’s.

All stories submitted will then be shortlisted, with the chosen few being brought to life in a film.

Share your story

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