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Is it time for your MS performance review?

The World vs.MS



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Anybody living with MS will know that living with the disease is a marathon, not a sprint.

With a variety of individual symptoms that can fluctuate and change over a lifetime,1 it can be easy to let MS creep in and take control. Small lifestyle changes can be made on a daily basis without you even noticing, until you find have completely changed your routine. But this compromise is just part of life with MS right?

Not necessarily. Stop and think ‘how is my life changing and what do I want going forward?’

Take the time to reassess using the MS performance review.

Set yourself goals and decide what you want from life. It’s time to speak up and start Demanding More from life with MS.

Download PDF here


1. What is MS? Available from: Last accessed: July 2018.

Date of approval: August 2018

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