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Empowering the MS community to have their say on ‘World Must Say Day’.



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World MS Day 2019 – ‘My Invisible MS’

World MS Day is an opportunity to bring the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

2019’s theme established by MS International Federation is #MyInvisibleMS. The objective is to raise awareness of hidden symptoms and aspects of MS encouraging the MS community to speak up and make the invisible, visible.

For us, this is why World MS Day is #WorldMustSayDay.

The World vs.MS wants to spark consideration among people living with MS to start having more open conversations about invisible aspects of MS with their neurologist. We want to inspire the MS community to reveal the true impact of the disease on their patient focused priorities.

Bringing Patient Focused Priorities (PFPs) to the conversation.

Patient Focused Priorities (PFPs) are the areas of your life that matter most to you. Your relationships, your lifestyle, your identity, career goals, fitness and health aspirations, and educational goals – all areas that make up your Quality of Life, these are your Patient Focused Priorities, or as we call them, your “PFPs”.

PFPs aren’t visible, unless they are openly discussed. People living with MS need to actively bring this conversation to the table during appointments. The only way to ensure that PFPs are considered is to start talking about them.

João, who has been living with MS for 8 years, explains:

Establishing PFPs alongside our friends and family, our doctor and the other healthcare professionals can, without a doubt, help improve our future quality of life (QoL). For me, the cognitive aspect takes priority. I started reading more newspapers and books and got hooked on crosswords. Fluent speech and quick thinking are a definite target.

Encouraging better conversations with healthcare teams.

Using the statement, “I won’t let MS take my…” we encourage people living with MS to share the aspects of life that they don’t want MS to limit and bring this to the conversation at their next appointment with their neurologist.

Supporting the MS community to have a better dialogue with health care professionals at appointments is a key aim for The World vs. MS initiative and this content is part of a broader campaign to encourage conversations around PFPs and better quality of life for the MS community.

Discover more about PFPs and follow conversations from the MS community around Patient Focused Priorities here.

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