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Cooking, whilst living with MS

Nick Davies



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MS forces you to adapt to the way you carry out everyday tasks. Things that able-bodied people take for granted. One of these is cooking.

It’s all too easy to buy ready-made meals because the prospect of cooking can be so daunting. As you may know, life with MS is a struggle 24/7.

But there are two big downsides to doing this: cost and nutrition. Ready-made meals are relatively expensive, and we all know that fresh food is so much better for you than processed food.

However, as I‘ve discovered, cooking fresh, tasty, affordable, food can be done by a disabled person like me, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out my website page, How to do it.

I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2009. I am more fortunate than some other people living with MS, as I can still just about walk, albeit with two crutches. But I can’t stand upright, to cook, or anything!

So I perch on a high stool. Mine is an ordinary high stool, and it is within reach of the worktop, cooker, sink, and waste bin. I can cook without ever getting off my stool. I just swivel my bottom round to wherever I need to reach.

After I’ve cooked my supper, I photograph it.  That’s easy, although carrying the plate from my kitchen to where I eat and photograph it isn’t. It’s only a few yards, but of course I have to keep the plate horizontal, and in my hand. That’s not easy, and three times my legs have given way, and I’ve ended up on the floor.

As I’m over 6ft tall, that’s a long drop. But what I’m really proud of is that, each time, I have kept the plate horizontal all the way down, and have been able to photograph it, without having to rearrange anything on the plate. Nowadays, I put the plate on the floor and push it over. It’s easier!

My Easy Suppers started when I sometimes posted my dinner photos on my personal Facebook page, I was surprised when many of my friends, some of whom are exceptional amateur cooks, regularly liked them. When I asked them why, they said they were ‘inspirational’. That’s a powerful word, so I took notice, and started a dedicated page just for my meals. I called it My Easy Suppers.

People started liking it. And not just a few people. After only over a year and a half, I have nearly 17,000 fans on My Easy Suppers. I cook a meal and post a photo of it every evening. I’ve now created over 550 suppers since I started, each one totally different!

So why did I call my blog ‘Easy’? Because everything I cook has to be ‘easy’, otherwise I can’t cook it.

I’ve also made a video, talking about myself, MS and cooking, and I’ve written some recipe books too, that tell you how to do it. One has a self-explanatory title – If I Can Cook It – So Can You.

Nick Davies is the creator of the popular Facebook food blog, called My Easy Suppers. He also has a website,, where you can read more about him and his MS

Approval date: February 2017

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