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Meet Kaz

Kaz Laljee



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“I’ve focussed on the positive and reinvented myself”

A digital marketing expert, Kaz tells his story of life with MS since his diagnosis 9 years ago. From increasing disability to gaining the BBC as a client, Kaz talks about all aspects of life with MS and how a positive attitude goes a long way.

Kaz: My story

Kaz looks back at his diagnosis and how his website, Positive About MS, is helping him and many others around the world, to be just that.

Kaz: Fatherhood and MS

Being a parent isn’t easy, and as a father living with MS, Kaz knows that as well as anyone. Here he shares his experiences of raising a son whilst living with MS.

Kaz: Achievements

From getting married and having a child to reinventing himself as a social media expert, Kaz shares his greatest achievements since diagnosis and how MS has played its role.

Kaz: Advice

Letting go of pride, focusing on what you’re good at and living a balanced life; Kaz shares his advice to all those living with MS.

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