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The My MS Hero Challenge submissions period is now complete,and we have received a lot of different challenges to choose from!

We’re busy shortlisting your entries and narrowing them down to the three challenges we think will inspire The World vs.MS community and start an MS Hero movement.
From learning a new instrument, to playing for the local rugby team, we’ve loved hearing about the wide range of challenges you’ve been setting!

Now, we want to inspire you, to step out of your comfort zone and be part of an MS Hero movement.

You”ll have the opportunity to vote for your favourite and join its mission.


Keep an eye out on our social media channels for further updates.

Together, through the MS Hero movement and with our demand more, get more attitude, we want you to reset your expectations of life with MS and turn your aspirations into reality.

Looking for more inspiration? Start by filling in the blanks and discover what you should be talking to your neurologist about at your next appointment:

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