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In our first year, we set out on a mission. A mission to change the lives of millions of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

We asked people living with MS, their carers, loved ones and healthcare professionals, to share any challenges they face on a daily basis because of MS – from getting dressed in the morning to cooking dinner in the evening.

And they responded by submitting

103 everyday challenges

These were narrowed down to three

Then, it was over to the world’s brightest brains – all the innovators, creatives, designers, and anyone inspired to make a difference – to offer ideas to help solve them

After months of scribbling, sketching and head scratching, from 40 ideas
the world chose 1 winner.


BladdeRunner is a mobile app to help those living with MS cope with bladder issues more effectively. And, through our commitment, the commitment of our partners and the winners themselves, we’re working tirelessly to make sure it’s a success.

And luckily for us, the team behind the idea are documenting the entire development process as they go along. So you can find out the very latest on BladdeRunner, below.

Keep up with the
BladdeRunner story

This is clearly a solution that could have a great impact on the lives of people living with MS.

Dan Smith,

BladdeRunner is very exciting! I think this is going to be a hugely valuable resource for people with MS.

Harriet Doig,
MS Ireland

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