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With three of his friends living with MS, Alexander has always been as supportive as he possibly could. Most recently, he decided to help Niels, who lives with MS, climb a different kind of mountain – Mount Everest to be exact. Here he talks about his MS Summit story:

While I don’t actually have MS myself, three of my good friends were diagnosed several years ago with this disease.

The amazing thing is that all of them, after an initial period of shock and despair, seem to have found peace and routine in their lives with the disease and its various symptoms at various stages. None of them are yet challenged in their daily routines, or at least they appear this way to the outside world. They have found a way to change their lives minimally and sometimes even make their habits and actions so much more energetic and sporty. I have found it amazing that medical services and information have improved the actual influence of this destructive challenge.

My decision to participate with the Mont Blanc expedition of Mission Summit was based upon a conversation with Niels. He and I were having an aperitif in Boston while talking about “new” challenges for the year. Having bought a small chalet in the Alps, we swiftly ended at climbing the Mont Blanc – so why not do this together? It was only the day after that he presented his Mount Everest trip and his additional challenge of having MS.

And together we decided to embark on this incredible journey. This meant pushing our bodies to the limit! But one thing I’ve learnt, is that Niels doesn’t let anything hold him back, not even MS! And in May 2016, Niels became the first person with MS to climb Mount Everest, literally taking MS achievements to incredible new heights.


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