15 things only people living with MS understand

The World vs.MS



Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like it.

1. When every single cup and plate in your house is chipped and you have to tell visitors shabby chic is the new trend.


2. Spending more time opening your favourite flavoured crisps than you do eating them.

3. Going to the disabled toilet and finding it’s also being used as the cleaners store room.

4. Never getting to the end of a book because you have to re-read the previous chapter every time you pick it up.


5. When you bump into some of the most interesting people, literally.

6. When your kids think you have superhero powers because you can’t feel hot or cold and constantly burn yourself in the kitchen.


7. Living in a forest of post-it notes filled with scribbles to help you remember what you need to do today.

8. Using a supposedly accessible shower but still not being able to reach the soap safely.

9. Putting on your favourite white top to meet friends for dinner and leaving wearing most of the meal.

10. When foot-pedal-operated bins are the absolute bane of your life.

11. Forgetting to put the washing on then realising it’s already half way through the cycle

12. When your MS clinic is always the furthest away in the hospital and at the end of a very long corridor.

13. Did we mention foot-pedal-operated bins? They’re everywhere.

14. Making up your own words because you can’t remember the actual word you’re looking for.

15. Going through the same conversation with yourself of,
‘Does this random symptom require yet another call to my neurologist?’

Date of approval: November 2017

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