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Mission Summit: Kiki’s story

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One of the most powerful reasons to share MS stories is to inspire others. Not only do they touch the lives of those living with MS and those around them, they can even motivate people with no links to MS to take action.

Kiki is one of those people. A chance encounter with the mountain challenge, Mission Summit, Kiki researched MS and was in awe of the people who face its challenges every day. Inspired by them, she will soon be climbing the Mont Blanc to raise awareness of the condition. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her MS summit story so far:

My entry point was a bit different: I like personal challenges, and ascending the Mont Blanc was one of my goals. It was because of that goal, that I have come in contact with the mission despite being lucky enough not to suffer from MS, or previously knowing anyone with MS, as far as I am aware. As a result of this “chance encounter” I have been reading up on MS (source: and with every piece of information I gathered, my respect and awe has increased for the fantastic group of people who – by taking up this challenge – are showing courage and resilience in the face of their physical and mental challenges. As such, I participate because I am inspired by them and people around the world who face MS with defiance, taking control instead of being controlled, with positivism and energy. I believe this is learning for all.

It is therefore going to be a journey of listening and, learning for me, creating awareness that I will be able to pass on. Being in a position to contribute in the smallest of ways, is a motivation in itself.

However, I have been struggling with various injuries, among which a torn calf muscle that has hampered a smooth preparation and count down. In addition, being physically distant from the group – living in Paris, while the group lives in the Netherlands – I have not been able to follow group efforts and experiences.

As mentioned above though, the group’s energetic and inspiring efforts make these minor setbacks feel insignificant.

The countdown, therefore has been in a shorter term:
• Mental gearing up: Ensuring necessary material for the trip (good old 12 year old shoes!! Still working well) and topping up where needed: beginning of May
• Regaining full mobility mid May
• First return to training: 1st week of June
• Looking forward to more intense training in the month prior to the Mission Summit.
I have ascended both the Annapurna and the Kilimanjaro (the latter for charity) before, and have not encountered any issues in similar state of physical fitness – a mental reassurance which keeps me positive!

Current training:
I am lucky enough to have a good base condition as an ex marathon runner and triathlete – the latter until last year – which I try to keep up with the following:
• Kick boxing – (once / twice a week) as mentioned above – re-started first week of June
• Swimming – never stopped (once a week – triathlon club)
• Running – (once / twice a week) previously long distances and higher speed, now starting again to reach a good speed 15km before starting the summit

Additionally planned before departure:
• Cycling – 60km and above per training

If you’d like to find out more about the expedition visit:

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