Thank you Bartender

Telling me you thought “I’d had enough”, made me realise that actually, I had.

It happens almost every time we go out. In fact, now I take bets on how soon into the night someone will say to me; “Are you drunk?” I mean, the irony of it is that I don’t even drink. But unfortunately my body does a pretty good impression of someone who does. I can feel it coming over me, it’s like the fuses in my brain are shorting out and suddenly my speech goes slurry. And then to make things worse, sometimes my bottom lip goes numb. Which means as soon as I sip on my tasty non-alcoholic drink, I spill it all down myself. It can be very embarrassing but I can’t be bothered to explain myself every two seconds. However, it was when I went to the bar to get a round in for my dad’s birthday, I struggled to get my words out and the bartender laughed in my face, saying he thought I’d had enough. That was when I demanded more from my life with MS.

What made you demand more from your life with MS?