Because of you, I stood up and paid attention.

“It was just another trip to the pharmacy, but one that would change things in a way I couldn’t have imagined. My daughter was with me, and when we walked in there was a wheelchair parked up by the counter. My daughter pointed to it and said, ‘Mummy, are you here to buy one of those?’ I didn’t know what to say, in an instance it hit me. And I said to her, ‘Daughter, wheelchairs are for people who can’t walk, and mummy can walk can’t she?’ But she then said something I will never forget, “Yes mummy, but you will need one soon won’t you?’ The thought of this broke my heart, and that’s when I Demanded More from my life with MS.”

Now, after 2 years, my daughter wakes up every day and asks, ‘Mummy, are you going to the gym today?’

Who made you want to demand more from your life with MS?

Catch-up with all the latest news on BladdeRunner, the winning idea from The World vs.MS Round 1.


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