The World vs.MS is a collaborative initiative, and as such we’re working closely with industry leaders and experts from both within the MS and innovation communities. We want everyone to have a voice and to make sure that at every step of The World vs.MS we’re doing all we can to ensure relevant and positive outcomes for the MS community.

Our Judging Panel

Our judges – a panel of industry leaders and experts from within the MS and innovation communities – have lent their combined knowledge and expertise to shortlist all of the bright ideas shared down to the final three. Once the world has chosen their winner, our Judging panel will continue to share their experience in helping to develop the winning idea.

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  • Wired

Jeremey Ambrose

Entrepreneurial Spark


Harriet Doig

MS Ireland

Advocacy and
Research Officer

Suzanna van Straaten

MS Europe at
Sanofi Genzyme

Commercial Director

Dan Smith



What does The World vs.MS
mean to them?

“Entrepreneurial Spark is a not-for-profit social enterprise and we put the entrepreneur at the heart of everything we do. What resonated with us was that the whole project is really putting the whole MS community at the heart of what they want to do.”

– Jeremy Ambrose, Entrepreneurial Spark Excellence Engineer.

“It is great for WIRED to be part of The World vs.MS. It stands out as we can affect the lives of millions of people who are currently living with MS and hopefully change their lives for the better and make living with the condition easier.”

– Dan Smith, WIRED, Commercial Editor.

Steering Committee

People living with MS, carers, charities, healthcare professionals and innovators – our Steering Committee represent anyone and everyone involved in The World vs.MS. Acting as our trusted advisors, they help to drive and shape the direction of the initiative, whilst extending its reach to the people we want to connect with.

Here you can find out a bit more about each member and their hopes and ambitions for The World vs.MS.

Diego Centonze
Healthcare Professional, Italy

A Professor of Neurology, Diego’s research takes a particularly close look at how diseases of the nervous system arise.

Although he recognises just how important drugs are in the treatment of MS, he knows how important it is to “listen to people with MS to discover what the disease is taking away from them and what we can give them back”.

Celia Oreja-Guevara
Healthcare Professional, Spain

As the Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, Celia’s research looks at ways of visualising and treating the disease.

She is eager to lend her knowledge and expertise to “improve everyday life in multiple sclerosis patients” and raise awareness of the “barriers and limitations” they face in everyday life.

Kaz Aston
Living with MS, UK

Since her diagnosis in 1995, Kaz has been campaigning on behalf of the MS community to make a positive difference.

Now, with 1.8 million followers on Twitter and a popular site offering support to people living with MS and their families, she has helped to increase awareness of the condition.


Julio Álvarez
Innovator, Spain

As Business Unit Manager of eHealth at Virtualware, Julio has experience of developing immersive and interactive technological solutions for healthcare.

The knowledge and expertise he brings to The World vs.MS could help to identify the next bright idea for those living with MS.


Nadine van Dongen
Innovator, UK

Nadine founded her research platform, the Patient Intelligence Panel (PIP Health) as a way of giving patients a voice.

Having worked on numerous MS patient studies, she has seen first-hand how the majority are true fighters and wanted to show her support by joining The World vs.MS.


Bernard Gentric
Patient Advocacy Group, France

Despite being diagnosed with MS fifteen years ago, Bernard refused to give up on his life-long passion for sport.

As Vice President of the ARSEP foundation, Bernard encourages people with MS, their families and friends to get active and raise money for MS research.


Catherine Mouzawak
Healthcare Professional, France

Catherine became a head nurse in neurology in 2005, leading to her specific interest in MS.

She helps to develop compliance monitoring and support programs for those living with MS, working alongside neurologists, psychologists and social workers.

Patrick Burke
Living with MS, UK

Having taken medical retirement in 2012, Patrick now devotes much of his time to managing his website, Aid4Disabled.

The site, which features reviews for disability aids and useful articles on multiple sclerosis, is designed to make life easier for people living with MS.


Linden Muirhead
PAG representative, UK

Linden is Director of Information and Engagement at the MS Trust.

Throughout 2015, Linden and her team have worked hard to optimise the charity’s website to ensure as many people as possible can access its valuable resources and information, whether by phone, tablet or laptop.


MS Trust

Established in 1993, the MS Trust supports both those affected by the condition, and the healthcare professionals who treat it.

Offering information and advice on everything from managing relapses to finding local support groups, they have quickly become one of the UK’s leading MS charities.


Roberta Amadeo
PAG representative, Italy

An accomplished architect and leading spokesperson for people living with MS in Italy, Roberta has achieved a lot since her diagnosis in 1992.

Alongside her career in architecture, she has been a key member of the Italian MS Society (AISM) for the last 16 years.


Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (AISM)
Charity, Italy

By acting globally to promote, drive and fund multiple sclerosis research, AISM envision a world one day free from MS.

Founded in 1968, they are a concrete reference point for more than 75,000 people with MS, their families, and for health and social workers.


Ramón Arroyo
Living with MS, Spain

Despite being told that running 200m would be “impossible” after this diagnosis, Ramón completed Barcelona’s Ironman, running 42,2m, swimming 3,80km, and cycling 180km.

His slogan “Surrender is not an Option” is very popular with the Spanish MS community, helping inspire a more fearless and hopeful approach to the condition.

Barbara A. Stensland
Living with MS, UK

Based on her blog, Barbara’s book Stumbling in Flats was shortlisted for The International Rubery Book Award 2015.

The honesty and sense of humor with which she shares her stories has helped her win fans the world over.


Trishna Bharadia
Living with MS, UK

Trishna shot to fame on the BBC dance show “The People’s Strictly” in 2015, casting MS into the national spotlight.

She has been an important advocate for people living with MS since her own diagnosis in 2008, with her work spanning several UK and European organisations, including MS Society UK, Sue Ryder UK and Asian MS.

Marleen van Muiden
Carer, Netherlands

For Marleen, family always comes first. Her husband Thomas was diagnosed with MS in 2005, and she balances raising their two children with caring for him.

Inspired by Thomas’ fundraising platform ‘MOVES’, she sees The World vs.MS as her opportunity to contribute to the fight against MS.


Steinar Årset
Living with MS, Norway

Steinar battled the elements to walk, ski and cycle 3000Km across Norway on a 170 day solo adventure to raise awareness of MS.

The physical challenges he faced exploring the great outdoors have helped him to reclaim his independence. Now, he is eager to inspire others to do the same.


What does The World vs.MS
mean to them?

“Our hope is that this project will give people with MS an opportunity to express their innovative spirit and to feel part of the powerful MS community in which each of us has an important contribution to make.”

– Roberta Amadeo.

“I hope that The World vs.MS will engage the global community into thinking about life from the point of view of someone with MS or any other condition that may result in someone facing similar issues.

In doing this, we may help to raise greater awareness and understanding of MS and, therefore, make life easier for people affected by the condition.”

– Trishna Bharadia.

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Their vision closely aligns to ours – to inspire and enable social change. And their experience of nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative talent will help to identify the solutions with the potential to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people living with MS. They will also guide and support the chosen winner, helping to them to turn their idea into a reality.

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Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is the only national organisation in Ireland providing information, support and advocacy services to the MS community.


They have a vision of a society where “all people affected by MS live positive and active lives in the community.” And put simply, this is our aim too. For over 50 years MS Ireland have been working closely with those living with MS and now they’re lending their knowledge and expertise to guide the direction of The World vs.MS, helping to ensure positive and relevant outcomes for the MS community.

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